Ivan HirstWelcome to Kennedy Middle School, where we are “Committed to Excellence!”  We proudly boast a strong faculty and staff that is committed to the growth of our students.  Kennedy Middle School is  focused on making a difference in the lives of our students both academically, socially, and emotionally during this important developmental stage in life. 

We provide a wide range of educational opportunities and strategies all students benefit from.  Our educational focus is moving to experiential learning.  We want to engage students in hands-on experiences, as well as, reflection that will take their learning and understanding to the next level. 

A top priority to us is building relationships with students and families as we navigate middle school years.  We strive to provide an environment that all students can learn and grow in safely.  An environment of respect and appreciation of others is important to all of us.  Kennedy Middle School is committed to preparing our students for what comes next both, academically and socially. 

Go Otters!

Ivan Hirst

Fergus Falls Middle School Principal

Mrs. Nickolauson's 8th grade REACH students recently completed a challenging ‘Reassembling the rainbow’ Team Building activity.
Half of the team is blindfolded, while the other half can see. The students that can see cannot say the color of the block or touch the blocks. They have a pattern they have to complete as a team, and as a team devise multiple different strategies to achieve their goal.
This activity focuses on teamwork, patience, critical-thinking, and strategic thinking. While it was a slow start, they worked together to complete the pattern and were kind to one another while working on a difficult task.