Kennedy Secondary School

Grades 9-12

Students Help at McKinley

Jan. 4, 2019

9th grade students have been learning about careers in education as well as how children ages 4, 5 and 6 are growing and developing. As a culminating activity, students were able to spend one class period interacting with kindergarten and first grade students. Activities included reading to students, assisting with writing, assisting with art projects, taking noodle breaks, playing math games and interacting during free play.

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Students attend Career Expo

Dec. 5, 2018

"Where engaging is learning," is how one 9th grader described the Health, Tech and Trades Career Expo held at the Fargodome last Thursday. One hundred and ten 9th grade students from the Intro to Tech Ed classes of Dennis Wutzke, Mike Donaghue and Carrie Sikkink attended this highly interactive expo where the students had the opportunity to perform ultrasounds on a pregnant mannequin, sit in a semi, practice their welding skills, and play with robots, to name just a few activities. According to the HTT Career Expo website, the purpose of the expo is to “help expose students to occupational opportunities throughout the health, technology and trade industries in our region through hands-on experiences.” Based on a survey taken by students after the event, the expo did just that. Seventy eight percent of the students said they discovered career opportunities they had not considered before.

Attendance at this event was made possible by the Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant Program that was awarded to our school to improve students’ academic achievement by providing all students with access to a well-rounded education. As we know, not all students learn in the same way. Many industries represented at the career expo attract students who are hands-on learners. As one of our students eloquently stated, “Just because you are not good at school, doesn't mean you are not smart.” Locally, many of these industries are desperate for qualified people who are smart, hands-on learners!

Hopefully, this expo will be a tradition that continues for 9th graders at KSS. According to the survey, eighty-two percent of the the students who attended feel that future 9th graders should “absolutely” attend! In another 9th grader’s words, “I found some careers that I never thought of doing and found it very useful, and think it needs to continue.”

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