Strength & Conditioning

The Fergus Falls Strength and Conditioning “strength program” is a periodized program designed for athletes and non-athletes who want to get stronger, add muscle, and get in better shape. All of our programs are research based and were created with the help of some of the areas finest strength and conditioning coaches.

Athletes/students have over 30 different programs to pick from. Each sport has its own unique program and there are programs for non-athletes, bodybuilders, grades 5-6, and 7-8. Our “sport specific” programs and extra programs are continually changing and improving as new methods/programs evolve in the field of strength and conditioning and fitness training.

Each student using the facility is taught how to do each lift correctly, fill in their workout sheets, and progressively challenge themselves to get stronger. Our ultimate goal is to make the new 4,000 square foot weight room a place where Otter students feel comfortable working out.

Weight Room Hours:

  • 3:30-5:30 Monday-Friday

Paul Ratz - Strength & Conditioning Coach