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District Curriculum Review Advisory Committee

Minnesota school districts are required by statue 120B.11, Subdivision 3 to form a district advisory committee that ensures active community participation in all phases of planning and improving instruction and curriculum. This committee meets six times per school year to hear from departments, to discuss programming and to offer feedback on district curriculum.

Please contact the curriculum office if you are interested in serving on this committee.


  • Kristin Christenson

  • Amber Simonson

  • Kelsey Felstul

  • Dean Gutzmer

  • Paul Mayer

  • Chip McAllister

  • Laurel Peterson

  • Marc Rinke

  • Tony Rendz

  • Barb LaPlante

  • Jayme Mace
  • Harold Stanislawski


  • Mona Davis - Elementary

  • Kelli McGovern - Middle School

  • Mickaela Pasch - High School

School Board:

  • Missy Hermes