Otter Adventures


To provide students with the opportunity to learn and succeed in a safe and supportive environment with varied curricular options and supports services tailored to each individual student's needs.


It is the intent of ADVENTURES Targeted Services programs to provide students an additional learning opportunity that allows each individual to utilize their learning preferences, further develop their natural talents, and explore and expand their skills in order to reach new learning horizons.

Register for Otter Adventures

Register for Otter Adventures

Dear Parents and Guardians of Fergus Falls Elementary Schools,

Greetings from the Roosevelt Building! My name is Carey Johnson, and I’m the director of the ALC. It's time for us to open up Otter Adventures registration for Summer 2024!

We welcome your students to Otter Adventures! The link to register is listed below. If you have further questions, please contact me at 218.998.0544 x 9230.

Please complete this form to register for Summer 2024 Otter Adventures!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ADVENTURES, a Targeted Services Program?

  • After school and summer programs

  • Promotes development of basic skills

  • Serves students ages 5-14

  • Students must meet criteria

  • Academic, socal, and personal focus

  • Low student-to-teacher ratio

What criteria qualify students for the Targeted Services Program?

  • Academic, social, and/or personal criteria

  • Have not made the same progress as same-aged peers

What is the purpose of the program?

  • Provide additional time to build skills

  • Identify skills not yet developed

  • Provide activities that help students improve academic and social skills

May students do homework in Targeted Services?

  • Program is NOT designed for this purpose

  • Current homework may be used to teach and practice learning and study strategies

Is there a cost for Targeted Services?

  • No, there is no cost

May students with special needs attend Services?

  • Yes, with qualifiers

  • An IEP meeting may be necessary to determine the appropriateness of placement

  • Targeted Services does not provide support services for special needs students

  • Students must be able to participate independently in a 15:1 student to teacher ratio

  • Referral to Targeted Services should be a team decision

Is transportation provided for after school and summer Targeted Services Programs?

  • Yes, transportation is available for students within the Fergus Falls city limits

How does a parent refer a student to the Targeted Services Program?

  • Contact their child's teacher

  • Contact the building principal

  • Contact the Area Learning Center of Fergus Falls

What kind of progress toward individual goals can be expected?

  • Progress of individual students varies

  • Excellent attendance and a serious approach have the most impact

  • Expect improved classroom performance

  • Expect less loss of essential learning over the summer months

How is student achievement and/or performance monitored?

  • Standardized tests at the beginning and end of the year

Who teaches ADVENTURES Targeted Services Programs?

  • Certified teachers

  • Paraprofessionals may assist students under the teacher's direction

What is a Continual Learning Plan (CLP), and what is its purpose?

  • Identifies individual student needs

  • States how needs will be addressed

  • Is a blueprint for improving academic, socal, and/or personal skills

  • Is reviewed and rewritten annually

Does my student have to attend all days of the session?

  • Yes, students are expected to attend all of the session dates

Who do I contact if I still have questions about ADVENTURES Targeted Services Programs?

Please contact any of the following at 998-0544:

  • Carey Johnson, Coordinator, ext. 9231

  • Scott Colbeck, Principal, ext. 9301

  • Tindy Rund, Asst. Principal, ext. 9401