Superintendent News

Happy New Year!  As part of our strategic planning process, the district engaged in a thorough review of our facilities.  This process involved our staff, school board members and members of the community.  Ultimately, the committee made a recommendation to the school board to build a new elementary school.  This fall, the district hired an independent firm, School Perceptions, to conduct a community survey to gauge potential interest and support for a new 3rd through 5th grade elementary school.  This column will provide a review of the survey results.

Survey information:

Total Respondents:  1,459

Response Rate:  16% - this is considered a good survey response rate.  

Margin of Error:  +/- 2.62% 

Respondent Age Demographics:

65+ = 30%

44-64 = 12%

45-54 = 17%

35-44 = 30%

25-34 = 10%

18-24 = 1%

Do you have children attending a school in the district?

Yes:  48%

No:  52%

Would you support closing and selling the Adams and McKinley buildings?  (All Residents)

Yes:  52%

No: 26%

Not Sure:  22%

Would you support a $49.9 million referendum to fund the recommended facility plan?


Staff Residents

Parent Residents

Non-Parent/Non-Staff Residents

Definitely “yes” & Probably “yes”








Definitely “no” & Probably ‘No”




Based on the survey results and taking into consideration the margin for error, if the community were to have voted for or against a new 3rd grade school in November, the results would have been too close to predict.  

Pending a positive review and comment from the Minnesota Department of Education, the district plans to put the question of a new 3rd - 5th grade elementary school before the voters in May of 2024.  Much more information will be included in future columns and future public forums where information can be shared and questions addressed will be scheduled as well.