General Chromebook Information

Grades K-5 classes each have a Chromebook cart in their classroom with devices that remain in school.

Grades 6-12 are 1-to-1, where every student is expected to have their school-assigned Chromebook with them in every class.

7th and 8th grade students are assigned the same model they used in 5th and 6th grade.

9th Graders are issued new devices that they will use throughout their High School career. Students are responsible for having the devices charged for each day, clean and in working order throughout the year. To assist with this the school offers all 6-12 grade students the option to purchase a Chromebook protection plan within 2 weeks of being issued a Chromebook. This $15.00/year plan covers the Chromebook from accidental damage and repairs of their assigned Chromebook, excluding the power charger and lost devices.

If a student has an outstanding fee assessed for a Chromebook, charger or repair from the previous year, they will not receive a replacement Chromebook until all fees are resolved. 7th and 8th grade students receive their Chromebook, charger, and case in their homeroom.  Freshmen and new 9th-12th students receive their devices from Tech Staff on Open House night.

GoGuardian Parent

Fergus Falls Public Schools uses GoGuardian, software designed to help teachers manage students' Chromebook usage in class. GoGuardian also filters the content categories that we are legally required to filter from students.

With GoGuardian, teachers are able to push content to students during their class sessions. They are also able to monitor student screens, close tabs, and provide assistance to students via chat.

GoGuardian has an app for parents that allows you to see your child's Chromebook history. Additionally, you can use the GoGuardian parent app to limit your child's access to specific websites outside of school hours (6am - 5pm). While you cannot override what is available to students during the school day (for instance, we make use of YouTube, so YouTube is open during the school hours), you can restrict sites like YouTube after school hours if you feel it's necessary.

For you to use the GoGuardian parent app, we need to collect some information from you. We need your name, email address, and your children's names and SCHOOL email addresses in order to configure your account.

Please complete this form to get started.

We will follow-up with an email that contains directions for getting started!


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