Activity Registration

Before you register, please read this page in its entirety!

1. Do you have a valid physical?

Physicals are good for 3 years from the date of the appointment. Please check the date while registering. No student will be allowed to participate without a valid physical.

* Each student must still complete the annual health history questionnaire during registration.

* Any student who had not previously participated and who does not have medical clearance to participate will be required to have a physical and be cleared to participate.

2. You must apply for Educational Benefits (formerly referred to as Free and Reduced Lunch) before you can get that discounted rate during registration. This must be done each school year.

To apply, please click here.

3. Please note that all of the students that are registered with ISD544 grades 7-12 are pre-loaded into the registration program.

You do not need to create them. Once you have an account (which carries over from year to year) you will link them to your account. This must be done with each student in grades 7-12 that is participating in activities. Once a student is linked to your account, they stay linked until they are no longer a student you do not need to link them again.

This link will take you to the instructions on how to set up an account and link your student.

4. You're ready to register!

Follow this link to sign in and register your child for Otter Activities.