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Google calendar

Google Drive is your document storage area "in the cloud". Besides being a place to store documents, it's also the place to CREATE and SHARE documents. Best experienced in the Google Chrome browser. Manage your schedule with this online calendar. Invite people, or groups of people, to meetings or other events. Also used to reserve computer labs and other resources. (tutorial) Gmail. Read and send email messages. You can also go here to chat with coworkers, or initiate video calls (Hangouts). Manage your photos. Photos added to your computer are automatically synced to Google Photos. Also, open the Google Photos app on your iPad to sync photos from your device to Google Photos.

Google Sites
Bus request
Phone directory Request a Vehicle  Phone directory
Create your own website. Share it with a select group, like your class; share it with the whole school; or share it with the world. Google+ is a social network similar to Facebook. Here you can connect with other educators to extend your PLC. You can also join or create Communities for discussion of specific topics.

Google+ is also the new home for your Picasa photos.

(NOTE: Google+ is activated for staff use only.)
Request a van or bus for a school activity. The district telephone directory.